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Kundalini Yoga


Timea Simranjot

I started practicing Kundalini Yoga 8 years ago and was given the name Simranjot as part of the Teachings. In 2013 I completed the basic teacher training with Rama Kaur in the Shunia Center Cologne and the ANS in France with Satyavrati Singh.
This ancient technology, art and science has never become monotonous for me to this day, rather I grow in it and thus more and more deeply into my true purpose, at least that's how it feels. Today I call it my path of healing, because this path was also my salvation at a quite critical turning point in life, and immediately the chance for a new beginning - cultivating a conscious and loving interaction with myself and my environment. And so I fnd my way back to my heart every day through yoga, meditation and the sacred sound current, and from there I enjoy taking actions and decisions guided by intuition. One of the best things about it is being able to share my path with other people. I am infnitely grateful for that.
In addition to my almost 10 years of work as a group companion, I also completed training as a Kundalini Yoga Coach with Guru Gian from the Netherlands at the beginning of 2020, in order to be able to work more specifcally with people in a 1to1 context to implement their visions, carried by yoga. In 2016 I have not only took part in two Healing Hands seminars in Cologne with Lakhmichand Singh from Madrid, I also organized them. Since 2019 I have also been cooperating with the Global Sisterhood ( to host sister circles on each new moon.

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