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Into the Hug of Nature



June 11 - 13


2 and a half days and 2 nights into the vastness of our nature

lets walk into the wilds

lets talk about plants and harvest medicine

lets sleep under the stars

lets feel small and so connected with the universe

lets feel natural and alive

It is for you that you still feel realistically fit, that you are playful and having an open heart, ready to look through the veil, ready to soften your fears, ready to hear the silence, ready to expand and communicate with plants and all living surroundings, ready to be responsible for you, that you can cope with the heat and periodically with the sun and maybe a bit of hunger or thirst, that you want to remember how it is to sleep without walls, surrounded from live concerts and aromas of mutually-beneficial relationships, dreaming just directly on top of the fertile soil, crystals and roots transmitting into your body wisdom of billions of years, ready to shift your reality and open your senses!

By studying plant networks, we can find wonderful solutions for us humans to create kind of horizontal, diffusive, decentralised organisations that are less humancentric while aligning with deep ecology and net positive principles. Because let’s be serious here, being human in the way we’re doing it now feels like going against the super strong heavy currents most of the time. Who wouldn’t want to discover how to make things more “natural”?

Think about how using your Natural Intelligence after this beautiful journey can empower you to find innovative solutions that nourish you and the planet simultaneously.

Venue: Nature

Key words: sharing cars, visiting various ecosystems, backpack, sleeping bag, kind of substrate, hat, good stable closed shoes, you are going to carry your minimal necessary things and water, one helps the other, hand by hand, offering space for adjustments, trust, patience, observation, learning, unlearning, active herbal medicine practices, cotton bags for harvesting, rituals and meditations with the plants receiving wise guidance from our caring friends, notebook, pen.

Let me be your guide to this amazing journey


herbalist, wild herb collector, founder of “Back to the Roots” herbal remedies and cosmetics, an ambassador of nature

A small meeting prior the trip is going to take place for organising and discuss some details and feel the coherence of the group for this expansion into the natural world.

Latest opportunity to register 8th of June


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