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Art: Creating Intuitive Faces

Annika Peissert


June 26 - 28

10:30 am - 12:30pm

Agios Stefanos

Intuitively and joyfully we will create faces in this workshop – whether wise men, advisors, helpers, elves, angels - whatever may appear and spring from your imagination, you will put on paper in this workshop.

Day 1: We playfully create backgrounds on paper. Various materials and colours are available for this purpose.

Day 2: The face can appear on your background today. Whether realistic or abstract, clear or playful - everything is allowed.

Day 3: You continue to work on the face, intuitively, playfully, with what emerges from the previous work.

With simple guided exercises, we awaken our creativity and intuition at the beginning of each painting session and free ourselves from expectations and demands on a possible picture.

You create freely and playfully what you feel like at that moment and on that day - many different materials and colours are available for this. I accompany you during the creative process with my many years of experience in intuitive painting and reflection sessions.

All three days belong together as the units build on each other. The workshop can only be attended together.

Mon, Tue, Wed / 10:30-12:30 h

Price: 3 days = 90 €


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